Association Introduction

The International Fintech Association (“IFA”) is incorporated in 2016 with its headquarters located in Washington State. IFA will develop membership across U.S., Mainland China and Taiwan in the field of finance and technology. IFA will serve as a platform for communication and cooperation among accounting firms, banks, securities firms, investment banks and financial and technology elites.
IFA will organize events online or offline regularly to make it easy for members to interact with each other. The education department will organize bank-training programs to bank employees and issue certificates after training.

Association focus

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Member exchange

Each year, we hold an annual membership meeting to enhance member exchange activities and bring together members from all over the world to discuss the future development of financial technology.


Through the discussion of association entrepreneurs and expert members, establish a complete financial technology training system, and promote this system to the academic circle, strengthen financial technology...


Through the current membership in the industry, the establishment of a certification system exclusively for the financial technology industry, the current complex financial technology industry is standardized one by one and given gold...


Financial license training

Through the Association's professional certification training program, the Association's complete training personnel system and related supporting facilities will be authorized locally, and the curriculum professionals will be invited to teach and train. Students can pass through...

Financial technology product certification

The association currently has a set of exclusive financial technology product certification mechanism, which will be promoted all over the world in the future, standardizing and standardizing financial technology products, so that the financial technology industry can send...

Organize seminars and lectures

Each year, a large-scale seminar and lecture will be arranged. All members are welcome to participate and the latest information on the financial technology industry will be opened to the public. ...

Exclusive member exchange forum

Through online and county communication platforms, members can communicate with each other and increase the possibility of business cooperation.